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Creation of strategies in the social management process, helping in the formation of networks and alliances, providing social dialogue and greater engagement of the company with the community in which it is inserted.

Coordination and Management of Projects and Social Programs

We help companies incorporate a social management process capable of leveraging the business into their strategy, starting with the analysis of the social context – identifying impacts, analyzing impact materiality, and applying solutions through projects in several sectors (education, health, sports, among others).

Social assistance at Construction Sites for Construction Companies

Establishment of social programs with various themes such as health (vaccination campaigns, for example) and education (literacy programs in partnership with institutions) directed towards the staff on construction sites.

Elaboration of Personalized Social Projects

We seek to listen to the needs of our clients and from there we organize actions to intervene in the social reality. After the elaborating the diagnosis we seek to define goals, objectives, methodology, deadlines, responsibilities and evaluation of what will be executed within the organization.

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility

Establishment a work to raise awareness of the importance of social responsibility in companies involving all employees. This management system becomes integrated to the company strategy, along with the establishment of a plan of action and communication initiatives with the community.

We provide ludic thematic activities (dance, environment, music, theater, games, handicrafts)

Building ludic Thematic workshops for schools, Institutions and corporate events.

Community Research in General

Socioeconomic research consisting of the collection of economic and social data of certain groups, populations or communities applying questionnaires or interviews. Then, tabulation and data analysis are performed, providing a diagnosis.

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