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People Management takes place through the participation, training, involvement and development of employees of a company using management tools. The reconciliation of employee values with those of the organization where he/she works is the main concern.

Capturing operational to strategic positions

Biomas is dedicated to finding and selecting professionals who can best adapt to the values and culture of your company. After the detailed alignment of the professional profile and skills that the company seeks, we devise recruitment strategies to quickly capture the best professionals in the market using behavioral evaluation tests.

Career Planning

The Career Planning program helps you develop and strengthen your career, and discover your true motivations and skills, adjusting your career goals.

Behavioral Training

We conduct extensive customized training, to serve the client in the most modern challenges that he/she experiences within the Organization.  We have a team of consultants qualified to attend to several organizational topics for all levels of the company.

Retail management

To diagnose, plan, deploy and intervene in your company’s business structure helping to leverage sales in business premises.

Strategic planning

A powerful tool for analyzing the organization and its segment. It enables its managers to know the strengths and weaknesses of the internal company environment, and sets up strategies to strengthen the company an make it more competitive in the market.

Leadership Development

We develop effective leadership solutions that reflect the company’s challenges regarding leader behaviour, delivered in a pragmatic and results-oriented manner.


A trained professional that helps the client to see with greater clarity the current reality through a personalized service, points out options for a new reality and after making the decision encourages you to act in a way that creates strategies that will lead you to success and persist in this new path, all using techniques involving questions and recommendations for tasks/challenges.

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