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The Company

BIOMAS Environmental Solutions is a consulting firm specialized in Environmental Management, Education and Licensing, which also operates in the social and people management areas. BIOMAS Environmental Solutions was released on the market in 2011 and carries out projects throughout the country, offering services of high technical quality, valuing professional ethics, agility and transparency, and always seeking customer satisfaction.

Currently, BIOMAS Environmental Solutions is located in the municipality of Tangará da Serra – Mato Grosso and has a branch in Primavera – Pará. The technical team is coordinated by Biologists and Directors, Vitor Azarias de Azevedo da Silva Campos (registration in the regional council as technical manager – CRBio 56518/01-D), and Mateus Fernando de Souza (registration in the regional council – CRBio 89942/01-D.


Ensure quality consultancies that comply with the objectives of our clients, always valuing the environment, our employees and society in general.


To be a company of reference in the branch of Consulting, recognized for the agility and quality of the services, thus becoming the best option for the clients.


Agility, Quality, Responsibility, Professional Ethics, Transparency, Punctuality, Professional Expertise, Human Appreciation and Interdisciplinarity

A Word from the Director

The company Biomas Soluções Ambientais (Biomas Environmental Solutions), was founded in 2011 by Mr. Mateus Fernando de Souza and myself, at the end of a graduate program. Thanks to the know-how obtained in over 10 years of providing environmental services, and maturing our experiences throughout the ecology classes, we noticed a vast field to be explored. By combining theory, experience and practice, we have formed a solid Enterprise with a great potential to meet market demand that is currently based on two strongly correlated pillars: AGILITY AND QUALITY.

The labor market is becoming more and more dynamic, and with this we have often seen major delays in construction due to setbacks in issuing  environmental licenses. Talking with great entrepreneurs, I realized that agility in environmental processes is what people most want, given that delays in this process lead to high production costs.

The quality of environmental licensing products was another issue that caught my eye. I have often come across situations in which the product, when sent to the environmental agencies for evaluation, received a negative opinion.

Through these principles we have built Biomas Environmental Solutions – a Company created to serve our customers with agility, quality services and what is best, showing the importance of mutual respect by maintaining a balanced and healthy environment for all.

Today we operate throughout the national territory, offering environmental, social and vehicle rental services, working in enterprises that value the quality of life by reducing their effects on ecosystems. We strive for growth and success every day, through the recognition for the agility and quality of the services we carry out, always valuing the environment, our employees and society in general, and seeking to be the best option for our customers.

Vitor Campos

Director of Biomas Environmental Solutions.