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Environmental licensing is a legal requirement to all enterprises or activities that use natural resources or that may cause any kind of pollution or degradation to the environment.

Preliminary license (PL)

Issued in the preliminary stage of elaboration, implantation or alteration of a given enterprise. This license will analyze the environmental viability, defining the mitigating and compensatory measures in case of negative environmental impacts, and is valid for five years maximum.

Installation license (IL)

It is requested by the environmental agency after the approval of the Preliminary License. This license authorizes the initiation of the construction or the installation of the enterprise. Its period of validity cannot exceed six years.

Operation License (OL)

License that effectively authorizes the beginning of the activities, and has as basic characteristics: being granted after the environmental body confirms compliance with the conditions established in the preliminary and installation licenses; to contain the environmental control measures that will limit the operation of the enterprise and specify the operation conditions determined, which is mandatory, under penalty of suspension or cancellation of the operation.

Rural environmental register (RER)

Electronic register directed to all the rural properties to unite environmental information of the rural properties, composing the database for control, monitoring, and environmental and economic planning. This registration is, therefore, MANDATORY.

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